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    Metabolic Booster (In Office only):

    Looking to improve your energy or boost your potential on your weight loss journey with our Metabolic Booster Injections?  These shots are formulated with key supplements to help: Break down fat, Improve energy levels, & Support weight loss.

    • Single Injection $25
    • Bundle of 4 $80
    • Bundle of 12 $180

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    Vitamin B12 Shot (In Office only):

    Increase your energy levels with vitamin B12 injections!
    • Single Injection $20
    • Bundle of 4 $65
    • Bundle of 12 $175

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    Comprehensive Blood Work & Blood Draw:

    Blood work drawn in the office at PWLW Tampa.  Book this service if you are looking to either:
    1. Enter one of our weight loss injection programs but have not had lab work done in the past 12 months

    OR —

    1. If you are a PWLW patient and need to follow up on previously abnormal results.
    Once results are back (typically within 2-3 business days) a detailed copy of your results will be emailed to you after results are reviewed by the medical provider.

    Schedule Blood Work

    Live far from the office? No problem! – Get your labs drawn at a Quest nearest you! Simply call our office to purchase a Lab Order ($59) INSTEAD of booking this service Price: $69


    • Metagenics Perfect Protein® Pea & Rice (Chocolate- Vanilla) $60
    • Metagenics Mag Glycinate 100 mg 120 capsules $25
    • Metagenics Wellness Essentials® Healthy Balance 30 packets$50
    • Hair Force One (60) capsules $60